How to Choose the Correct Lighting for Your Commercial Building

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Choosing the correct lighting for your commercial building is an extremely important decision. Lighting makes up a large chunk of your business utility costs, and so does maintenance. Lighting is also necessary to keep you, your employees and your customers safe, particularly in places such as warehouses. Your light choice will also help set the mood for your building—for example, a warehouse will need a much brighter, clear light than a restaurant that’s creating a romantic atmosphere. So, how do you go about selecting which type of lighting is right for your business? It depends on your business needs. The... View Article

Which Commercial Lighting Option Will Best Benefit Your Business? Talk to Electrical Contractors in Nampa, ID

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Business building lighting is so important, yet it is often overlooked and not upgraded to accommodate the latest in light technology. The truth is, good lighting is needed in offices, workshops, hospitals, labs and other buildings so you, your employees and customers don’t have to struggle to see. But not only is good lighting needed for seeing, it’s also important for safety and health reasons. If the lights don’t have adequate brightness for an area, people could trip, drop things, misread instructions and experience severe eyestrain. A business may also want lighting that’s aesthetically pleasing and that matches the building’s... View Article

Talk to a Licensed Electrician in Nampa, ID About the Size of Your Business’ Electrical Panel

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Is your electrical panel the right size for your commercial business? Maybe you’ve wondered this before, or it’s quite possible that it has never crossed your mind. Here’s the long and the short of it—many businesses are running all their electricity through insufficient electrical wiring. Today, we are using greater amounts of electricity to power everything from large equipment to machines on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, older buildings and renovated spaces alike are being skipped over for new electrical wiring and panel installations. It’s a good idea to talk to a licensed electrician in Nampa,... View Article