Talk to a Licensed Electrician in Nampa, ID About the Size of Your Business’ Electrical Panel

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Is your electrical panel the right size for your commercial business? Maybe you’ve wondered this before, or it’s quite possible that it has never crossed your mind. Here’s the long and the short of it—many businesses are running all their electricity through insufficient electrical wiring. Today, we are using greater amounts of electricity to power everything from large equipment to machines on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, older buildings and renovated spaces alike are being skipped over for new electrical wiring and panel installations.

It’s a good idea to talk to a licensed electrician in Nampa, ID if you have any questions about the size of your commercial business’ electrical panel. For now, here’s how you can tell if you have an ideal electrical panel for your building:

  • The basics: A commercial electrical panel is a device that brings electricity into your business for use. Power is drawn from the utility company through the panel, which then provides the power you need to run your equipment and appliances. Inside the panel, the power is distributed to major electrical branches before they reach smaller branches. A properly functioning panel is essential for workplace safety and work efficiency.
  • The meaning of “size”: The physical size of the panel depends on the power needs of your business. But, when you hear your electrician refer to the “size” of your electrical panel, they mean the average capacity of the panel. Amperage capacity is the measurement of electricity the panel can safely accommodate in your commercial building. This is not to be confused with the amount of electricity coming in—the panel does not determine that.
  • How to identify your business’ electrical panel: Typically, your electrical panel can be pinpointed as a gray metal box that may or may not be painted. It should be located in an accessible, yet out-of-the-way area, and can be inside or outside of the building. An easily identifiable electrical panel benefits electricians making repairs and code enforcement personnel coming to conduct inspections.
  • Problems you can run into with old panels: If you have an older electrical panel, it could be over- or underpowered for your building, or damaged. Watch for flickering lights, tripped breakers, melted wires and malfunctioning circuit breakers. Replace the panel, especially if it’s a danger to your employees, customers or property.
  • Signs you need a new electrical panel: Your commercial building’s power needs are unique, so it’s wise to be aware of the signs that you need a new electrical panel—for example, corroded breakers, crackling sounds coming from the panel, overheating conductors or equipment not receiving full power. Additionally, renovations and insurance company requirements may necessitate an electrical panel upgrade.

To ensure a safe working environment and an efficient electrical wiring installation, schedule an appointment for a licensed electrician in Nampa, ID to come out and inspect your commercial business’ electrical panel. They may recommend a panel upgrade that can improve power efficiency in your building. Contact Keys Energy Services, Inc. to speak with a knowledgeable commercial electrician today!

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