Common Commercial Electrical Issues

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The electrical wiring in your commercial space plays a crucial role in its operation, whether you run a marketing firm or an industrial manufacturing operation. It’s important that you have the capacity to accommodate all of your electrical needs, but it’s even more important that you can maintain a safe environment in your workplace. Electrical issues can occur at almost any time in any building, and they may pose a major risk to your property. The best way to prevent issues from spiraling out of control and causing health risks and property damage is to understand common problems so that you can address them early on with appropriate commercial electrical repair in Nampa, ID:

  • Underground wiring: Many business owners are aware of wiring that runs underground on their property, but they might not be familiar with the specific type of wiring that’s used. Rigid conduit wiring must be used, or else wiring could cause a shock if it’s hit with digging tools.
  • Permanent extension cord use: Extensions cords can be useful tools every once in a while for temporary applications, but they can seem to become a permanent fixture in some businesses. It’s far safer to have a commercial electrician install permanent power sources in areas where they are needed than to use an extension cord on a permanent basis.
  • Improperly wired receptacles: Receptacle wiring is complicated, but it’s also imperative that it is done correctly. If you have concerns about the state of the wiring in your receptacles, you should contact an electrician for assistance. They will be able to determine whether any changes or updates need to be made.
  • Overextended circuit breakers: A circuit breaker is designed to accommodate one wire, and overextending your breaker can cause performance and safety concerns. If your circuit breaker is currently double tapped, make sure you contact an electrician who specializes in commercial electrical repair in Nampa, ID for rewiring.
  • Missing safety components: If your electrical system is missing clamps, your employees are at risk of shock when they access your electrical appliances and breakers. It’s important to have your electrical system inspected regularly to ensure that all of the safety components are present and accounted for.
  • Ungrounded receptacles: In older buildings, it’s common for receptacles to be without a grounding prong. Since grounding is critical to the overall safety of your receptacle, you should make sure that all of your receptacles are upgraded with the necessary grounding prongs.

If you have any concerns with the condition of your electrical system or you’ve noticed signs of electrical issues, make sure you reach out to the experts at Keys Energy Services, Inc. We have been in business since 2003, and we have maintained a commitment to providing exceptional service and quality work to each of the commercial and industrial clients we serve. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation to give you a better idea about the scope of our services and our rates. Browse our website or give us a call for some additional information and to schedule an appointment.

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