Four Ways Old Wiring Could Be a Fire Hazard

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Floods and damage from other natural disasters are never something you want to think about as a building manager, but these things can be unavoidable. One disaster you can usually avoid, though, is a fire outbreak in your commercial building. Safety training with your employees helps eliminate fire threats to some extent, but there are other big causes of fires that are hidden behind your walls. Your electrical system—particularly if your company is in an older structure—is a gigantic threat to your building. The following aspects of your electric system put you at risk every day, and should be inspected by a high voltage electrician in Nampa, ID:

  • Poor electrical design: Problems with your building’s wiring may start with its original design. It should come as no surprise that electrical codes have changed quite a bit in the past few decades! Wiring that would pass inspection in the 1950s would be deemed a major hazard nowadays. The scary part is that buildings that don’t even seem that old might have severely outdated electrical systems. If your building was constructed prior to the 1970s, it’s not a bad idea to have it inspected by an electrician. Our professionals can identify any problem areas and replace the outdated aspects of your system to ensure you meet today’s standards.
  • Low amp wiring: Older electronics required much less power than modern technology. As such, electric wires from back in the day carried lower amps designed to meet the needs of the machinery of the time. Nowadays, these older wires are forced to deliver more electricity than they’re safely capable of carrying. If that’s the case, circuits can overload and cause a sudden electrical fire. The best solution for this problem is to replace your breakers with arc fault circuit interrupters. Luckily for you, our electricians are capable of doing that in no time at all! Call us today to learn more.
  • Poorly modified wiring: More likely than not, past tenants in your building have tinkered with the wiring for quick fixes for their electrical issues. If your building was constructed in the early 20th century, the chances that your wiring has been modified are extremely high! Back then, people were more inclined to fix issues themselves rather than hire an electrician. The only problem is, most of these folks had no formal electrical training! They probably ended up causing more harm than good while trying to make repairs. Have your building inspected today so we can find and replace any wiring that’s been tampered with.
  • Faulty breakers: When was the last time your commercial breaker system was inspected or upgraded? Hopefully, your answer isn’t “never.” Just like old wiring, older breakers run the risk of starting a fire if there’s a sudden power overload. Let one of our electricians take a look at it and replace your breaker if necessary.

Though the items on the list above are a threat to your building’s safety; they don’t have to be! Hire a high voltage electrician in Nampa, ID to inspect your structure and eliminate the possibility of an electrical fire breakout at your business.

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