Which Commercial Lighting Option Will Best Benefit Your Business? Talk to Electrical Contractors in Nampa, ID

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Business building lighting is so important, yet it is often overlooked and not upgraded to accommodate the latest in light technology. The truth is, good lighting is needed in offices, workshops, hospitals, labs and other buildings so you, your employees and customers don’t have to struggle to see. But not only is good lighting needed for seeing, it’s also important for safety and health reasons. If the lights don’t have adequate brightness for an area, people could trip, drop things, misread instructions and experience severe eyestrain.

A business may also want lighting that’s aesthetically pleasing and that matches the building’s design. For commercial lighting that is both functional and good looking, consider collaborating with an interior designer and an electrician.

Here’s an excellent question to ask electrical contractors in Nampa, ID: “What type of commercial lighting is the best option for my business?” To find the right product for your needs, let’s look at some of the most common options for commercial lighting.

Fluorescent Lighting

Although the mere mention of fluorescent lights can bring forth visions of flickering overhead lighting and ugly light displays, they are actually quite popular for use in commercial building environments. Fluorescent lighting is tubular in shape; you’ll find the bulbs installed in ceiling light fixtures either as individual tube bulbs or several side by side. Fluorescent lights top the list as one of the longest lasting, most energy efficient options on the market today.

Incandescent Lighting

If your business is looking for a commercial lighting option that is widely available with a low upfront cost, then commercial incandescent lighting may be right for you. This lighting option produces light that is very close to natural sunlight in brightness and color. Though it is old lighting technology, most people who work in commercial settings are familiar with incandescent lighting. The downside of these lights is their short lifespan compared to other lighting options, as well as the fact that they aren’t especially energy efficient.

Metal halide Lighting

Metal halide lighting is also called high-density discharge lighting. This type of lighting is commonly used in large open spaces like industrial settings and warehouses. The characteristics that make them a standout lighting option for these spaces is their ability to produce huge quantities of clean bright light. Metal halide lighting can illuminate larger spaces without issue.

LED Lighting

Perhaps the most energy efficient lighting choice for your business is commercial LED lighting. Using these bulbs can help to reduce your building’s energy consumption by 50 to 85 percent! Some other benefits of LED lighting include:

  • LED fixtures can last 50,000 to 70,000 hours. They are long lasting, so maintenance costs are low and lighting does not need to be replaced as often.
  • They are environmentally sustainable because they don’t produce lead and are mercury free.
  • It consumes less electricity and therefore saves more energy than other types of lighting.

If you want to schedule a private consultation, contact the experienced team at Keys Energy Services, Inc. We can help with all your building lighting needs. Call us today to work with the most trusted and reliable electrical contractors in Nampa, ID!

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