Your Old Wiring Could Be a Commercial Fire Hazard!

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A fire breaking out in your commercial building is the last thing you want to worry about as a building owner or manager. Unfortunately, fires are incredibly common throughout the country. Although fires can start for a number of reasons, problems with the electrical system are usually to blame. Keep reading to learn more about common issues with electrical systems, and how our team at Keys Energy Services can get your system up to par with professional commercial electrical installation in Nampa, ID:

  • Poor design: The first reason your building could be a fire hazard has to do with the fact that your building is old. For example, if your building was constructed 50 years ago, it’s compliant with the electrical codes from the 1960s. Times have changed, and our regulations for electrical wiring have gotten stricter. Any structures built prior to the 1970s should have their wires inspected as soon as possible. Have your electrical system inspected today. If there’s an issue, we can make any necessary repairs or install new wiring altogether.
  • Shoddy repairs: Regardless of the age of your building, electrical repairs are common. Nowadays, certified electricians make repairs that can have your wiring back to normal. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case decades ago. Repairs made in the past can be a bigger fire hazard than a building full of old wiring. The only way to tell whether repairs are shoddy is to have an inspection today.
  • Insulation issues: The insulation surrounding your wiring helps protect the copper wires and ensures electricity flows as it should throughout your building. Unfortunately, the insulation becomes brittle over time and also tends to be damaged by gnawing rodents in your walls. This is a problem on two levels. First, damaged insulation can impede the flow of electricity. Second, and more importantly, damaged insulation can lead to electrical fires. A simple spark can quickly ignite the floors, ceilings and walls. Before you know it, your whole building could go up in flames. Again, have your wiring inspected and give us a call for new commercial electrical installation in Nampa, ID if necessary.
  • Low amp wiring: It doesn’t take an electrician or a technology buff to know that older appliances didn’t require as much power as modern appliances, gadgets and machinery. Since that was the case back in the old days, buildings operated on a lower amp electrical system. If you have brand-new machinery running in an older structure, you may need to rethink your electrical needs. Older wiring can’t power your systems like you need it to. More importantly, fires can break out if old wires are carrying too much electricity to power your machinery. Call us today to replace all of the old wiring in your building.

Hopefully, it’s clear that you should have your wiring inspected as soon as possible. The sooner you find and fix any flaws in your system, the lower your chances of having a fire break out in your building. If your wiring is really old, get in touch with Keys Energy Services, Inc. for commercial electrical installation in Nampa, ID. Our team has years of experience in the field, so you can trust that we’ll have your electrical system up to code in no time at all.

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