When You Should Call a Commercial Electrician

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If you own a commercial business, you are responsible for making sure your building is up to code and safe for all your employees and customers. One of the most crucial aspects of your business is its electrical system. If your building has electrical problems in Nampa, ID, your business’s day-to-day operations may come to a halt, and you could lose a lot of time and money.

When you need installations, repairs or maintenance on your building’s electrical system, you might think you are able to call any electrician in the area. A common misconception we hear from clients is that commercial electricians and industrial electricians are one and the same, but this is incorrect. You need to be sure you are calling the right type of electrician with the proper experience and training to handle your commercial needs.

What’s the difference?

Although it may appear that commercial and industrial electricians do the same job, the two are actually very different. Each type of electrician must receive a certain level of education and have particular experience in their industry.

Industrial electricians work mainly in industrial plants such as manufacturing or production buildings, which have vastly different power needs than commercial buildings do. To become an industrial electrician, you typically need extensive training, licenses and experience in the industrial setting.

Industrial electricians handle electrical components for very expensive and critical machinery and often work with the extreme ends of the electrical spectrum, from very high voltage systems to micro current systems.

Commercial electricians, on the other hand, tend to work in commercial buildings such as retail stores and restaurants, which are more accessible by the public. These electricians also must have education, experience and a license.

The majority of a commercial electrician’s work is making sure the structure is properly wired and the components are functioning safely and efficiently. These electricians often work on repairing more common electrical problems in Nampa, ID.

Both industrial and commercial electricians are also quite different from residential electricians, who do electrical work in people’s homes. Each setting—residential, industrial and commercial—has very different electrical components and setups, which requires specific knowledge and experience to repair and maintain.

Which should you choose?

If you are experiencing electrical problems in Nampa, ID within your commercial business, such as an office building, retail store or restaurant, make sure you are calling a commercial electrician. They will bring the experience necessary to handle commercial building-specific problems that industrial electricians don’t handle. They will be the ones who can provide you with the more reliable and efficient means of powering your business and keep it running for the long term.

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