Five Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Office

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If you work in a normal office environment, you probably know how big of an impact the office lighting has on a daily basis. Dark or dim offices tend to make employees sleepy and less productive. A poorly lit office doesn’t just slow down productivity; it’s also really frustrating for anyone who has difficulty seeing in dim conditions. Too little light also strains the eye, causing vision problems down the road. On the opposite end of the spectrum, too much of the wrong kinds of light can also be harmful. Keep reading to learn more about office lighting from a licensed electrician in Nampa, ID:

  • Maximize natural lighting: You don’t have to spend any money to improve the lighting in your office! Use as much of the sun’s rays as possible to illuminate your workspace. If possible, try to add more windows or even install some skylights. We know that’s not always feasible, but maybe you can at least open up the window coverings to let in sunshine on clear afternoons.
  • Design your office with lighting in mind: Part of maximizing natural lighting has to do with how your office is designed and how the workspaces are organized. Try to position desks and cubicles near windows to keep employees as close to the natural light as possible. If it’s in your budget, redesign your office space with an open concept in mind. The more open space you have, the more natural light can flood your office. If letting in more natural light just isn’t an option, move desks around so that each employee is closer to light bulbs.
  • Think about soft lighting: Have you ever walked into an industrial warehouse and noticed the type of lighting they use? It’s typically those awful fluorescent bulbs that hurt your eyes when you look into them. Don’t install those in your office! The bright, harsh white lighting is just as straining as a dim office. Consider replacing those bulbs with a softer light. Soft lighting creates a calming atmosphere, which is guaranteed to help improve your employees’ mood and productivity.
  • Install energy saving bulbs: Speaking of bulbs, spend a few extra dollars on energy-efficient LED lighting. These newer bulbs cost a bit more up front, but they can save you tons of money in the long run on your monthly electrical bills. Speak to a licensed electrician in Nampa, ID about energy-efficient lighting and how it’ll benefit your bottom line.
  • Replace flickering lighting: Bulbs typically flicker for a few days before they go out altogether. Replacing any flickering bulbs before they go out is a must around your office. Flickering bulbs aren’t just annoying; they can also be a health hazard. People with epilepsy can have a seizure caused by flickering lights. That’s the last thing you want to happen to one of your employees!

Make 2018 the year you do something about the lighting in your office. Call a licensed electrician in Nampa, ID today to improve your lighting. You’re sure to see both a morale boost and an improvement in employee productivity.

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