Limit Your Liability with Commercial Electrical Services in Nampa, ID

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As a property owner, you have a never-ending task list. You’re concerned with maintenance items, financial responsibilities, tenant issues and business concerns. On this long checklist, have you included commercial electrical services in Nampa, ID?

It’s not enough to simply supply the service—you must ensure it is safe. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for a liability suit. Employees, tenants and business owners may hold you responsible if the electrical system causes injury, loss of wages or business interruption. To prevent these lawsuits, take steps to ensure your commercial electrical systems are always running optimally.

  • Inspect the system regularly: At least once each year, schedule a thorough service check of all the building’s electrical systems. Ask a qualified electrician to review the system to check for improper wiring, faulty connections, code violations, overloaded circuits or any other potential hazards. If they find any issues, make repairs right away. This will prove less expensive than the greater damage these issues can cause in the future.
  • Use emergency lighting: Is your building equipped with emergency lighting? It’s essential to have a backup plan for safe evacuation of the property. This lighting should come on automatically during power outages. If your building is not properly equipped with emergency lighting, ask your provider of commercial electrical services in Nampa, ID to review possible solutions to determine the best system for your building.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are required in any building. Modern detectors offer many options, including wiring them into the building’s electrical system. This is a simple way to add protection to your property. Don’t forget to check these units monthly and change the batteries twice a year to ensure reliable operation when they’re needed.
  • Perform safety checks: In addition to securing professional service each year, perform your own simple safety checks. At the beginning of every season, take a tour of your property and look for potential electrical issues. Do you notice any overloaded outlets? Do cords pose a tripping hazard? Are any light fixtures discolored? Look for items you can easily fix yourself to make the property safer. Check all outlets, power cords, light fixtures and appliances for safe operation.
  • Consider an upgrade: Outdated fixtures and appliances and failing to keep up with commercial electrical services in Nampa, ID can cost you in many ways. Frayed wiring and loose connections in old systems can pose fire hazards. Inefficient lighting and appliances increase utility bills. These old, outdated systems increase your potential liability. Consider installing new appliances, upgrading your electrical system and replacing old lights with LED fixtures. These updated features will save you money and reduce your risk.

If you want to protect yourself against liability issues with your commercial electrical system, contact your local electrician. Keys Energy Services, Inc. can provide additional tips for electrical safety and perform inspections and repairs to keep your property safe. With so many other things on your plate, it’s nice to know our team is here to back you up. Give us a call today to schedule your next service.

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