The Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial Lighting

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If you own a commercial building, you are likely faced with high electricity costs due to your need for constant, safe light throughout your entire property. Using lots of light fixtures can run up your utility bill and also require additional air conditioning to keep the level of heat down.

If your commercial lighting bill is high, you may want to consider a lighting retrofit to lower your utility costs and make your building more energy-efficient. A professional in commercial electrical services in Nampa, ID can help you with a lighting retrofit and design to provide you with better lighting at a lower cost.

What is a lighting retrofit?

A lighting retrofit is the process of upgrading or replacing the lamps and fixtures in your electrical system with new lighting and controls that are more energy-efficient. This process saves you money, both from the costs of the lighting itself, as well as by lowering the need for any additional air conditioning caused by excess heat your lights produce.

Lighting retrofits start with an analysis of your current commercial lighting costs and hours of operation, helping you to get a better understanding of your current lighting situation.

Then, the retrofit includes the reduction of your lighting costs through cost-saving and efficiency-increasing measures, including innovative controls for operating lights and the removal of existing lamps and lighting fixtures. The retrofit may also utilize delamping, which is the process of removing a number of bulbs or fixtures to reduce the amount of light in a given area if the space is brighter than it needs to be.

The result of the retrofit is a more efficient lighting system that will save your business money over the long term.

Benefits of a lighting retrofit

Lighting retrofits come with a host of benefits that help offset the high initial costs:

  • Reduces electric costs: Clearly, the most important part of a lighting retrofit is the lowered cost of electricity due to the more efficient fixtures and usage plans.
  • Increases energy-efficiency: Replacing your old lighting fixtures with energy-efficient ones helps save you money and has environmental benefits, allowing you to state with pride that your business is energy-efficient.
  • Provides usage data: Lighting retrofits provide you with usage data from your old system as it compares to the new, which can help you in the event of a business cost analysis. You can also use this data to further cut down on electricity costs.
  • Enhances building value: Lighting retrofits, as well as many other commercial electrical services in Nampa, ID, are a great investment for your business and can increase the value of your building, which is a great addition if you try to sell down the road.
  • Utility incentives: Some local utility providers offer incentives and rebates for businesses that conduct lighting retrofits, saving you even more money!

For information about lighting retrofits and other commercial electrical services in Nampa, ID, call Keys Energy Services, Inc. For more than a decade, we’ve offered commercial clients the best in electrical project installation, maintenance and repair. Give us a call today!

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