Common Commercial Electrical Issues

March 27, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

The electrical wiring in your commercial space plays a crucial role in its operation, whether you run a marketing firm or an industrial manufacturing operation. It’s important that you have the capacity to accommodate all of your electrical needs, but it’s even more important that you can maintain a safe environment in your workplace. Electrical issues can occur at almost any time in any building, and they may pose a major risk to your property. The best way to prevent issues from spiraling out of control and causing health risks and property damage is to understand common problems so that... View Article

Four Ways Old Wiring Could Be a Fire Hazard

March 14, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Floods and damage from other natural disasters are never something you want to think about as a building manager, but these things can be unavoidable. One disaster you can usually avoid, though, is a fire outbreak in your commercial building. Safety training with your employees helps eliminate fire threats to some extent, but there are other big causes of fires that are hidden behind your walls. Your electrical system—particularly if your company is in an older structure—is a gigantic threat to your building. The following aspects of your electric system put you at risk every day, and should be inspected... View Article